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The Memory Repair Protocol is a nootropic aid that promises to deliver a simple, all natural method to reverse the memory losing effects of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia in as little as three weeks. It claims to reveal the real, hidden cause of Alzheimer’s Disease and provides 25 powerful recipes to repair damaged brain cells by increasing ketone production.

Who is Behind the Memory Repair Protocol?

The Memory Repair Protocol is written by Martin Reilly. Reilly is a 59-year-old science teacher who lives in Stamford, Connecticut. He is not a scientific researcher, but embarked upon a personal campaign to find the cure for Alzheimer’s after his wife, Sandra, contracted the disease.

Reilly sourced the knowledge that is infused into this program from a 107-year old woman named Manisha from Ballabgarh. This is a small town in Northern India that has no recorded cases of dementia or Alzheimer’s, due to foods that the locals eat. With the help of Dr. Miles Fielding, a brain function and neurochemistry expert, he studied the ingredients and discovered the ideal amounts to trigger the body to produce ketones.

What Do You Get When You Purchase the Memory Repair Protocol?

Once your payment is processed, you will be taken to a download page where you will receive access to an e-book. The book is very comprehensive. The first chapter gives an excellent overview of how the brain ages, and why our memory and attention might start to fade. It then goes into Alzheimer’s and dementia in depth. This includes a clear explanation of why conventional Alzheimer and Dementia treatments do not work.

Reilly then discusses simple lifestyle changes that can be made at any age to regenerate the brain and improve function. In Part Two of the book, he provides a protocol for healthy living that is specifically designed to improve brain function at any age.

In addition to the main book, you also get direct access to the The Memory Repair 21-Day Protocol. This step by step guide provides you with 25 recipes for activating ketone production. You’ll also be given a 21-day protocol to follow. In it you’ll find recipes cover breakfast, lunch and dinner for a full 3 weeks, and also include snacks and smoothies.

There are also a number of free bonuses that come with your purchase. These includeThe Fact Retainer, which reveals for the first time the exact methods that the most successful quiz contestants in the world use to win thousands of dollars.

You also get a copy of Meditation Mind Power. In this book, an innovative form of meditation known as KirtanKriya is highlighted. This method has been shown to dramatically improve cognitive functioning and memory, especially in those over the age of 50. This guide includes an 8-week KirtanKanya meditation protocol that mimics the exact protocol followed by trial subjects who experienced amazing results.


Memory Repair Protocol Pros and Cons


- The e-book gives a lot of fascinating background information

- The treatment provided is completely natural

- Full recipes for 21 days

- Full protocol, lid out step by step

- Clinical studies back up claims made

- Extra bonuses with your purchase

- 60 day money back guarantee


- Not available in stores

You need to stick with it for the entire 21 days

- Results may vary

Memory Repair Protocol Asked Questions

1. Does It Work?

The promotional material for this product includes a large number of testimonials from real users who have had amazing success using the Memory Repair Protocol. All of the methods and nutritional aids that are advocated in this guide are supported by scientific studies, which are linked in the main text. This gives us confidence that the methods advocated really do work.

2. Do you need to buy any extras?

The recipes that are contained with the e-book is made up of a large number of natural herbal concoctions that can be sourced from almost any health food shop. Apart from that, there are no other purchases that are required in order to complete the Memory Repair Protocol program.

3. Are There Any Side Effects?

Because all of the ingredients in the Memory Repair Protocol program are completely natural and dosed at clinically sound levels, there are no side effects associated with using the remedy that is outlined in this e-book. However, there have been no clinical trials undertaken specifically on this remedy, so the long term effects of use are unknown at this stage.

4. How is the Customer Support?

The people behind the Memory Repair Protocol offer a 60-day money back guarantee on their product. If you or your loved one does not experience real and noticeable improvements in cognitive functioning within 60 days, you can contact Martin Reilly for a complete, no questions asked refund – and you can even keep the entire program, including the bonuses.

5. What People Are Saying?

So what do real users of The Memory Repair Protocol have to say about this product? Here are a few of the comments we were able to find . . .

When a friend of mine told me about this, I was very skeptical. But, after seeing what Alzheimer’s had done to my mother, and our family as a whole, I thought I’d give it a shot.

To be honest, we had nothing to lose. The results? Wow! Just wow! After just 30 days. I’m absolutely blown away by the improvement!

My mother seems so much sharper, more focused and alert, and no longer repeats herself. I just wish that I’d known about these recipes years ago. Because it would have saved us a lot of pain and heartache.

Tyler Whitmore

Hi Martin,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for releasing this program. My husband Gareth has been on 7 different medications and none of them have done anything except cause nasty side effects. Doctors don’t even want to entertain the idea that diet can be the cause of, and solution to, so many health problems.

It’s criminal that they force drugs on dementia patients when so much evidence says that they don’t work. In just 5 weeks on your program, I have already seen a massive difference in my husband’s memory, focus, test scores and general behavior.

Jane Wister

My mother has been in a local residential care home since being diagnosed with progressive dementia 9 years ago. She’d got to the point where she couldn’t distinguish between her family and the care home staff, and would often shout and scream at my father for being an imposter, which was absolutely crushing for my dad.

After a friend recommended your program, my mom’s behavior has changed significantly ns she now recognizes my dad again. We can now talk to one another just like we did before she was admitted.

The staff at the home have been shocked by the improvements and are now using the treatment on all of the other residents who are no experiencing the same results!

Jason Barker

My husband Jim was diagnosed with Alhzeimer’s in 2008.

At first he was just forgetting people’s names, where he’d put things and conversations he’d had, but as the months and years went on, his cognitive health deteriorated rapidly and his personality changed a lot which was increasingly distressing to witness. He would wander aimlessly around the house, talk to me like he was stuck in the 1960s and confuse the toilet with front door, which meant he would urinate into the street. This caused a lot of problems with our neighbors who demanded that we put him in a care home. Since I discovered your program, the change has been miraculous.

I feel like I have my Jim back and I can’t thank you enough. Please, please, please get this treatment out to as many people as you possibly can!

Maureen Masterson

Susan's Final Recommendation :



The Memory Repair Protocol is a well researched, scientifically validated nootropic program. Although it has proven to be very beneficial for many people, it may not work for everybody. This is not due to any deficiency in the ingredients or the protocol, but simply to the fact that natural remedies affect people in different ways.

We are really impressed with the way this program is put together. It is well written, comprehensive and easy to implement. Unlike some programs, it is not full of overly scientific or unworkable instructions. Although the combined ingredients have not been subject to any specific testing, we are impressed that the individual ingredients all have scientific backing for their ability to make positive cognitive changes.

We also like the fact that you get a full two months to trial this product before making a decision. If it isn’t working for you or your loved ones (remember the course is just 21 days in duration) you can simply return it for a full refund – and keep all of the products!

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