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My story

My name’s Devin and for fifty years I’ve lived a healthy, productive life. But then, six years ago, I began to get this constant ringing in my ears. It came completely out of the blue and it shocked me

In fact, it totally freaked me out.

How could I go on with this incessant noise?

Just the thought of it was driving me to distraction.

My noise was at an 8khz level. That’s like the constant whistle of a tea kettle. Needless to say, I tried everything I could to get rid of it. I saw at least half a dozen different doctors. Most of them knew less about the condition than I did, which didn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

In desperation, I began looking online. I came a cross a number of different products, each one claiming the ability to eradicate the non-stop head noise that was making me dread waking up every morning.

One of the most popular remedies that I found on Google was called Ring Ease. So, I ordered it.

Here’s what I got . . .

What’s Included

Ring Ease is a supplement in pill form. It is made up of the following key ingredients:

  • Gingko Biloba – this ingredient has been included to thin the blood, which may help people who feel a pulsing sensation in their head.
  • Zinc – research suggests that many tinnitus sufferers are low in zinc. However, there is no direct research indicating that zinc helps relieve tinnitus. 
  • Garlic – this ingredient has been added to improve blood circulation, which, again may relive the pulsing that many tinnitus sufferers experience.

This product is only available online.

Did it Work?

One thing about tinnitus is that it’s pretty easy to see whether a remedy works. If the noise goes away, you’ve got your money’s worth – if it doesn’t, or at least lessen, then you’ve just thrown your money away.

My experience with Ring Ease was that it was a total waste of money. After six weeks of taking the Ring Ease supplement, the ringing in my ears was just as loud as ever. In frustration, I gave up, swearing never to be ripped off online again. 🙁

Find A Better Way

A few years into my life with tinnitus, I joined the local tinnitus society. I shared with them my bad experiences with Ring Ease, to find that quite a few others had had similar bad experiences with the product. But then others began speaking of another online product that actually was bringing relief. Of course, I was skeptical. But the positive recommendations for the product kept coming – not online, but from real people that I actually knew.

Curious to learn more, I went online. I found a flood of positive experiences from tinnitus sufferers, many of whom were completely cured after a just a couple of months. That was enough to convince me and I signed up for this product.

Boy, am I glad I did!

It’s called Hearing X3 from Zenith Labs.

What is Hearing X3?

Hearing X3 drills down on what the latest scientific research has identified as the underlying issue behind tinnitus – damaged cochlea hair cells.

Hearing X3 combines the following key ingredients which have been shown through research to rejuvenate the cochlea hair cells . . .

  • COQ10
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAS)
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Astragalus
  • Chrysanthenum
  • Acetyl-L-Cartinine
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

But that’s not all.

In total, Hearing X3 provides you with fifteen vitamins, minerals and all-natural herbs designed to improve circulation of the small blood vessels in your ears.

Hearing X3 promises to increase blood flow to the cochlea and inner ear cells. It will also reduce oxidative damage from loud noise exposure. In addition, it will improve the health of your blood vessels by increasing the repair value of the genetic code and DNA synthesis.

Comparing Hearing X3 with Ring Ease


Hearing X3

Ring Ease

Improves Hearing



Claims to Reduces tinnitus noise



No. of Ingredients



Price per Bottle



Unfortunately,Ring Ease discount isn't available online.

If you are looking for discount for Hearing X3 by zenith labs,Richard from the comments below found one that worked perfectly fine. Hope it works for you...

UPDATE : My Results with Hearing X3

Despite the positive reviews I’d gotten both online and in person, I have to admit that I was still pretty skeptical about Hearing X3. But, I put my doubts aside and started taking it anyway.

The first thing I noticed was that my hearing immediately improved. Hand in hand with the onset of my tinnitus had came an increasing inability to hear noises from outside of my head. That was a welcome relief, but things were about to get a whole lot better.

Into the second week, while my hearing got even better, the constant whistling sound in my head was reducing in intensity. In fact, it was actually becoming tolerable. It was as if someone had turned down the volume control.

And, each week, it was being turned down even further. I could hardly believe it!

After six years, I was finally finding relief – thanks to Hearing X3. ❤

Needless to say, this product is the real deal!

And it’s worth every penny!

Hearing X3 Pros and Cons

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Opens restricted blood vessels and capillaries
  • Boosts immune system
  • 15 scientifically proven ingredients
  • Reduces tinnitus noise
  • Rigorous quality control process
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Full 60-day money back guarantee – even of the bottle is empty!
  • Only available online


My initial online experience to find relief for the incessant ringing in my ears that was driving me crazy was a disappointment. Just like so many other products advertised online, Ring Ease promised a lot but delivered very little.

It did not do anything in terms of reducing my tinnitus. As a result, I cannot recommend Ring Ease as a tinnitus solution.

Fortunately, my bad experience with Ring Ease led me to a far better product . . .

Hearing X3.

Hearing X3 by Zenith is an all-natural, easy to swallow capsule that contains 15 vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to improve circulation of the small blood vessels in your ears.

For me, Hearing X3 provided a two-fold effect . . .

It allowed me to better hear outside noises


It gradually reduced the constant whistling noise in my head week by week.

At the end of six weeks, the noise hadn’t completely gone away – but it was turned WAY down.

The bottom line is that Hearing X3 is the real deal.

If you are suffering from hearing loss and or tinnitus, you need this product.

It will change your life – just like it did mine! 🙂

Check out the latest deal on Hearing X3 here!

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Trust me, ring ease is NOT worth it..Used the product for 30 days and still no change.


    Sorry to hear Kathy. Did you try getting a refund?


This review is 100% accurate! I am on my 3 week of ring ease and i feel discouraged because no relief after this weeks.


    Hi George,
    Thanks for reading my review…Never give up and i hope you found my experience helpful. 🙂


Hello Devin!

Ya, this actually sounds pretty bad to me. I’m glad I read your review before I spent my money on Ring Ease.
Your other recommendation seems much better I would say. I’m just curious if there is a discount for that one.


    Hello Janice,
    I’m so happy that you like my review!
    Yes, Richard share this http://www.todaydiscoupon.com/hearingx3-discount/ in comment,I hope this one still works for you.


      the discount still work fine,
      Thank you.


This was the second order of Hearing X3 by zenith labs.
It works….lasts a long time with no problems.


    Hi Linda,
    Happy to hear that from you..
    Yes Hearing X3 worth it.


I went to the http://www.todaydiscoupon.com/hearingx3-discount/ discount page and saved me alot of money. So far, I can say it deadens the ringing enough to be bearable, nothing else has ever helped.


    That’s great Richard! Glad that work for you.


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